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July 10th - 12th 2015

Can you be naked on Lewisville lake?

No, but the women can be topless in the tie up area.

How far is Colette from the lake?

15 - 20 mins

How far is the hotel next to Colette?

Next Door 

Can I walk up to the tie up?

Yes from West Lake Park.

Does the lake party cost money?

No the lake party is sponsored by BBB, when you go to the Parties at PlayersDFW or Colette Dallas.
There are three BBB club parties. Help keep BBB alive by supporting a club party.
Their are four BBB/Luckys parties. Help keep BBB alive by supporting a PlayersDFW party.

Does Colette have boat parking?

Yes, they will be adding extra parking for BBB customers. 

What's the best boat ramp to use?

Go to the boat ramp page for more info.

Why is there no BBB party barge this year?

"Just for Fun" did not want to be part of BBB this year.

How are the cops at Lewisville lake?

They only have a few on the whole lake and they are more worried about the young adults at party cove but, please don't BWI.

Can you get naked at PlayersDFW or Colette Dallas?

Yes and they have a good size VIP room.

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